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    Get Into The Divine Taste Of A Cuisine Which Has The Flavors Of Culture In It

    This Is Restaurant Food

    We are a family operated business with many years of experience in the restaurant industry. We are proud residents of the high valley and we always strive for excellence in our business. We pride ourselves in treating our customers just like we want to be treated, with courtesy and respect.

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    Kontosouvli Pork

    Special flavor with spices

    Kontosouvli Chicken

    Special flavor with spices

    Kontosouvli Pork

    Special flavor with spices

    Kontosouvli Pork

    Special flavor with spices

    Αναπαραγωγή Βίντεο

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    We handpick the finest and most fresh ingredients for your right from our kitchen gardens. Mixed with the right herbs and spices, we bring the most tasteful dishes to your table.

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    Order Our Delicacies And Enjoy The Taste Of “Greek Food” At Your Home!





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    Our Customer Means A lot To Us

    Tim Joseph

    FoodieGreeko is a beautiful restaurant in Allentown. Melizana is awesome. Chicken food items are also available in FoodieGreeko restaurant. Solomas is good.

    Sarah Peter

    Food and staff both are excellent I have visited this place 5 years in a row, food and staff both have been same and very welcoming. This restaurant pocket-friendly also.

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